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Searching Jan-Erik Bjarkholm

Hi, My name is Jan Marcus and I tried to find my father and hes name is Jan-Erik Bjarkholm and he is born 1950. I appreciate every information about my father and his relatives. BR, Marcus

Posted on: 14/02/2014 00:44:57

Poster Information:

Name: Anneli Koivunen

Town: lohja

Looking For:

Name: jan-erik bjarkholm

Born: 1950

Reply posted on: 20/02/2016 08:30:36

From Tove FrÝseth

Town: Trondheim

I think may be Ingrid is his mother and he also have a daughter named Mirjam. I don`t know her surname

Reply posted on: 20/02/2016 08:25:01

From Tove FrÝseth

Town: Trondheim

Hello. 48 years ago i had a realationship with a man called Jan Erik Bjarkholm born in 1950, from Oslo. He has a brother named Tom. I have no more information, but maybe you can look at the page
MyHeritage and search for Ingrid Johanne Bjarkholm (born Wang- Svendsen)Good Luck!