Message Posted By: Adair Ireland-Smith

Looking for my half brother

Bryon Ireland is a half brother born to my father, Victor, E. Ireland and his mother, surname of Stevens. I recently became aware of this information.

Posted on: 05/03/2014 20:25:30

Poster Information:

Name: Adair Ireland-Smith

Town: Peterborough

Looking For:

Name: Bryon, E.J Ireland

Born: 1946

Reply posted on: 21/08/2014 23:24:00

From Desmond Ireland

Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am currently as part of my genealogy hobby looking for Victor E. Ireland, sister to Myee & Jessie Ireland and only son of David & Charlotte Ireland. David was born in NSW, Australia & Charlotte in Montreal, Quebec. Although I not able to help you with your inquiry, I hope you may be able to shed some light on mine.

Reply posted on: 26/08/2014 02:54:03

From Adair Ireland-Smith

Town: Peterborough, Ontario

Desmond, I am so sorry that I cannot shed any light on your search. What a coincidence regarding the name Victor E (Ernest) Ireland. I was so excited to see I had received a response. Good luck in your efforts!