Message Posted By: Ededet Essien

A missed family friend

Please I wish to re-establish contact with John Haigh . He was born in Ituk Mbang in Eastern Nigeria. His father was Harry Haigh (MBE)a Methodist missionary medical doctor who served in Ituk Mbang in Eastern Nigeria.His grand father owned a woolen mill in Halifax. His brothers name is Bill Haigh. Bill worked in Lagos Nigeria for company OVE ARUP & Partners.His sisters name is Sheily.

Posted on: 08/06/2014 20:10:23

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Name: Ededet Essien

Town: Eket

Looking For:

Name: John Haigh

Born: 1952

Reply posted on: 24/09/2016 21:34:33

From John Haigh

Town: Newcastle

Hi Ededet, my niece has just found this message from you. Email me, it would be nice to hear what youre doing!