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looking for my Dad

my name is Christina Marie Argula , daughter of Margaret(Peggy)Argula, my mother told me that you was my dad, but never try to help me find you, she said that you used to be a supper at 1990 Lexington Avenue on 119th street in Harlem in NYC... I just want to opportunity to meet you and any other family members...especially since I never made it to Antigua to meet your mother my grandmother ... my mom said you wanted me to go...and she also said after she had me she took me to see you and you told her to come back the next day , that you was going to give her 300.00, but she never returned... and when I was six years old my mom and my self gaot on the 4train at burnside and you was sitting in the two seater seat.. my mom said you see that thats you father we got off the next stop and I left my midden on the train wonder if you ever pick it up.... she was selfish and cared for herself that she did me... even though I never met you I know and feel the for you in my SOUL,,,

daddy please respond

Posted on: 29/08/2014 01:32:48

Poster Information:

Name: christina argula

Town: bronx

Looking For:

Name: Roy A. Tittle

Born: 1942

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