Message Posted By: Catherine Edwards

I am looking for my father - Henry James Edwards, DOB 31 Aug 1949 or anyone on his side of the family (originally from Gloucester). Please contact me by email Many thanks Catherine Edwards

Poster Information:

Name: Catherine Edwards

Looking For:

Name: Henry James Edwards

Born: 1976

Town: Gloucester

Reply posted on: 08/11/2004

From pat marshall

Born: 1951

Hi Now this is probably nothing but you never know. I was talking to a friend in Bridgwater Somerset, Her daughter is married to an Edwards. I was interested as that is my single name. She said that his family came from Gloucester and had the name Henry James was passed down. I suppose you could look in the Bridgwater directory. I will see if I can find out anything. I know he is married and recently lost his son in a motorbike accident. Or it might not even be him but a relation. ......please feel free to email me....Pat

Reply posted on: 02/11/2005

From Catherine Edwards

Born: 0

Town: Bristol

Hi Pat,

Sorry my response has taken so long, I did not see your message until now. Please can you drop me a line with your email address.

Many thanks