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am looking for John Walker form Buckingham St Everton Valley moved to Fountain Rd had sister Hannah married name Kelly also Margaret her married name was Kegan I think he had 2 brothers as well bobby I think he had 2 girls Billy Walker children names Stanley & Joyce am not sure but I think Hannah had 2 children Ruth & David Kelly there could be another sister dont know her name but i think her married name was pennak children not sure any info would be very grateful for

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Name: jeannette forbes

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Name: john walker

Born: 1914

Town: Not Known

Reply posted on: 28/12/2007

From loren howard

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Town: London

I am searching for either a John or William Walker who was born around 1914. He had a son called John. However, his wife also had two more children called Stanley and Joyce and Im just wondering whether we are searching for the same person. He would have been my uncle and I am helping his son to locate him. He has probably passed on now anyway but its worth a try. Y0u can reply direct to my email. thx.