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James Fairburn (Jim)

I am looking for my uncle jim, who left New Zealand to live in England. His name is James fairburn but I remember him as slim jim. He works in a pub (we think)in sussex (?) He has two borther and two sisters, I am hoping to get in contact with him for my dad, his brother Rick. Would really love to catch up on things and find out how you are, Im your niece Kylee and I would really like to know how you are, pleaseontact mif you can thanks Kylee

Posted on: 25/09/2004

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Name: kylee Barton

Born: 1978

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Name: James (Jim) Fairburn

Born: 1960

Reply posted on: 28/09/2004

From Noneof Yourbiz

Born: 1800

I know a guy Fairburn. Dont know his first name he is known as Kiwi but he dont work in no pub in sussex or where ever you said he hauls a rig round europe. I meet up with him now and then in Italy or Poland. Sorry thats bout all I can help with.