Message Posted By: alison carter

alison carter wants to find janet hall maiden name blenkinsop

hi i`m looking for my mum janet blenkinsop formerly married to david hall and had two children suzanne and alison in the early seventies anyone with any details of how i could contact her please get in touch as i havent seen her since 1979

Posted on: 26/09/2004

Poster Information:

Name: alison carter

Born: 1975

Looking For:

Name: janet Blenkinsop/hall

Born: 0

Reply posted on: 26/09/2004

From selina thompson

Born: 1981

hi i was wondering if you had any other information such as what schools any of them attended or grandparents, aunties,uncles names or jobs any information would be good
i check electoral roles and other sources
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Reply posted on: 03/10/2004

From alison carter

Born: 1975

hi i`m sorry but i havent got any of that sort of information i have managed to find out her last where abouts where old burghclere berkshire i will look at your site and thanks