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trying to find my brother

hello im looking for my brother unfortunately we were split up as children and he went to live with my grandmother mrs evelyn milne who was married to her fourth husband bob, bob was a caretaker at whistable juniour school and they lived in the caretakers cottage, my brother would be 33years old now and all i know he likes sport, he would be about 5ft 11 and is slim built. He has faie hair. I would really love to get in contact with him as i havent seen him since we were young children. any information about his where abouts would be appreciated.

Posted on: 01/10/2004

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Name: ceri reynolds

Born: 1970

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Name: christopher barton

Born: 1971

Reply posted on: 09/10/2006

From Katie Savage

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Town: Nottingham

Unfortunatly I do not know anything about your brother it is you that I am looking for, did you used to work at Coats Vyella and meridian? I have been trying to contact a Ceri Reynolds that I used to work with.