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comuter studies holiday assignment

1,i,is the act of using a computer to commit crime for personal gains.
ii,is a process of invading a computer without permission
iii,this is done to gain a competative advantage over the source of the original copies
2,this is the cooking of information; of the sending point and decading
3,i,is processed data
ii,is unprocessed data
iii,refers to componentsdevices that you can actually touch
iv,refers to computer instructions
v,these are devices that are attached to the computer
4,in a star topology all devices are connected to a center point known as a hub.
.;networks have improved communication facilities.
;.there is sharing of resources
7.a web browser is an application software that allows access of information on the internet.e.g fire fox while a search engine is a program that helps users to search for information on the web e.g google search etc.
8,is a link between the user and the computer system
9,a wired network uses wires to communicate while a wireless uses radio waves.
10,i,a system software is designed to be used by the computer system only not human users.
ii,an application software is designed to be used by human users.


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