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from Leanna Petrenko/ Valerija Custance

IM Still leaving messages on this board hoping for a reply but nothing for years now. I hope u will get in touch again seeing as ur my mum?! Anyway I hope you can get in touch. My email is
Love u. And I miss u all. I only just met u and now Ive lost you again.

Posted on: 25/01/2015 23:58:27

Poster Information:

Name: Leanna Petrenko

Town: London

Looking For:

Name: Snezhanna Litvinova

Born: 1979

Reply posted on: 01/12/2015 18:27:02

From éhaneta Litvinova

Town: Jelgava

Hi, Valerie!
We were looking for you and finally found this post.If you read this, call me on +37126787647 or text
Mum and me are waiting for a message from you. We love u so much!