Message Posted By: Stan Lynn/Lieberthal

Searching for a long lost friend

Met her in Johannesburg, South Africa
while she was visiting. Her 2 sisters,
Diana and Mary(had prosthetic leg) were
also living there. Her parents lived
in Snettisham, Kings Lynn area and her father was a Ret.Col in the Indian Army.
Bridget was born in Lahore, India, 1942.
She returned to the UK in 1964 and in 1965 relocated to Woodward Ave, Toronto
Canada. She was also a professional registered Physiotherapist. Desperately
want to contact her again. She would now be 62 years old, I believe.

Posted on: 12/10/2004

Poster Information:

Name: Stan Lynn/Lieberthal

Born: 1943

Looking For:

Name: Bridget Ann(e?) Holmes

Born: 1942

Reply posted on: 10/05/2009

From Frank Dixon

Born: 0

Town: Norwich

Hi Stan,

I came across you name on the internet.

I also have been searching for Bridget Holmes who once lived in Snettisham. I went to school with her, it was a private school in the adjacent village to Snetisham called St. Michaels. The school doesnt exist any more but we have an association and meet for dinner once a year in a place called Old Hunstanton. Ex pupils come from many parts of the world for this gathering. Bridgets name often comes up at these gatherings and many of us wonder what happened to her and where she is now.

If in your search you come up with any information and would like to share it I and many others would be very please to hear from you. We would be very pleased with any photograph(s) you have. The Old Michaelians have their own web site and as you will see we are still going pretty strong after all these years.

I live in Norwich, England and look forward to hearing from you.

Frank Dixon.