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Rebecca Humphrey

I thought of you often when I was travelling in India and now since Ive been home in Cape Town, your name keeps popping into my mind. I always wondered about the old idea of meeting the right person in the right place, and whether it was such a smart thing to say. Who ever thought up that line never took into account the prospect of time. And that is what Ive wondered to myself in a vague kind of distant way. If we had met in the right time, I don’t feel Id be writing this note to sit on some message board to be read by strangers. I think youd be right here, or Id be there,... wed be together where ever we might have gone to. If you read this I hope it finds you well.

Posted on: 16/10/2004

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Name: Byron Levey

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Name: Rebecca Humphrey

Born: 1972

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From lindon bishop

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