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HOPKINS-looking for my dad

My name is carron michelle HOPKINS(KEOGH,but only realy known as michelle.I would realy like to find my dad,his name is Gwynfa,Daffydd,HOPKINS.Age 50. My birth date is 02/02/1975, my mothers name is Patricia,mary,c,Sandyford. I was born the day before my mums 18th birthday.The address on my birth certificate is Carlisle avenue,acton,London.It also stated that my fathers occupation was a motor mechanic. My dad moved to america in the seventies, when i was a baby. Ive never seen him since. I would also like to know any of my dads family, but know nothing of them. All the info i have is in this message you see.If their is any one out there who can help me, i would be so very grateful.

Posted on: 07/11/2004

Poster Information:

Name: carron,michelle hopkins(keogh)

Born: 1975

Looking For:

Name: Gwynfa hopkins

Born: 1954

Reply posted on: 03/07/2006

From Tom Smith

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Town: Long Beach

You posted this two years ago, but I have information on one Gwynfa Daffydd Hopkins, a mechanic in the United States - Long Beach, CA, to be precise. If you e-mail me, I will give you his home address (current October 2005), and the last phone number that I had for him.