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I am searching for my half brother David Boulton son of Douglas Boulton and son of eve Boulton, Eve died wth turburculosis and David was given by father to eves parents to look after. Eve worked as a nurse at the city general hospital before she died in Newcastle -Under-Lyme Stoke-On-trent. Douglas re-married at the age of 41 and had three more children two girls and a boy.

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Name: victoria sarah boulton

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Name: David Boulton

Town: Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Reply posted on: 10/12/2006

From vic boulton

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Town: stoke-on-trent

Hello Peter,

Many thanks for your reply, yes actually the age would be about right, maybe a little older. I was told he had moved away abroard, how true this is i do not know.

Although this is a long shot, i am very interested to hear more.

would you email me at

Iposted this message a few months back, todays date is the 10th december 2006

Reply posted on: 19/07/2005

From Peter Scott

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Hi Victoria,
I have stumbled across your request whilst navigating the web and noticed you are looking for a David Boulton from N/c under Lyme. You do not specify any ages but I did know a David Boulton from N/c under Lyme during the late 60s /early 70s. I must admit I have not kept in touch but I do know where this particular David Boulton is - I guess he must be in his 50s at least by now.
Are you looking for someone older or younger?

p.s. Also, when did you post this request - this site reckons you posted it in year 1900! Therefore you must have been first using internet!