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Searching for Mohammed Younis/Sabir Hussain born 1957

Im searching for a man on behalf of Alexander Tabraz Younis 10/02/1982. We have very few details and some that may not be correct. In a relationship with Donna Hanby in 1980s and had a child in 1982 in Halifax, west Yorkshire, who was put into care and adopted. He does not speak with his Mum because she will not give details of his father or his whereabouts, she is not happy that he wants to know who he is. Please get in touch if any one has any information at all. We have been searching for years but with no luck.

Posted on: 13/04/2015 15:13:54

Poster Information:

Name: aimee jones

Town: Barnsley

Looking For:

Name: Mohammed/Sabir Younis/Hussain

Born: 1957

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