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Would love to meet you Lyndon (katrina) your Cousin.

Hello Lyndon! Thats if you are on the internet that is. If you are not, then can anyone help me find Lyndon Bishop (nee)Brown. He was born about 1970 which should make him 34 years old, His mothers name is Susan Brown, And my Uncle whom is his Dad is Called Thomas Brian Bishop, His brother whom is my Father is called Edward Raymand Bishop, Their sister is called Maurine, And Lyndons nan whch is my nan too was Beautrice Bishop God Bless her Soul she was Loved so much by everyone, and will be sadly missed. Lyndon used to come down my dads house when he was little with his mom Susan to a place called cannock staffs uk, he used to play in the garden with my other sisters Marie and Wendy Bishop, everyone keeps saying how much we look like each other because i have your eyes and have blonde hair like you used to when you was little. I would so much love to meet you because we have never met. if we did meet i was very very tiny but I dont think you did see me because you were only young. My dad whom is your uncle Edward (Eddie) and my Mum your Auntie Ann, misses you dearly too. my Dad used to be your Favourite uncle etc. But no-one seems to know what has happened to you or your Mum. Someone please help!!!! and contact me on my Number 07837021106, or )01889 800114. My E-mail is Everyone missis you so much there is so much to catch up on we still have photos of you my Mums favourite is where you are sitting on my mums lap outside when you were little. I am going to put a picture up of you Lyndon when I photcopy it, see if you remember anything. I will also put a picture up of your other cousins and your Aunty Ann and Uncle Edward if you get to see them.
From the cousin you never met, Katrinaxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted on: 01/01/2005

Poster Information:

Name: katrina lee

Born: 1970

Looking For:

Name: Lyndon Bishop

Born: 1970

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