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I am looking for my half brother known to me only as David Cooper.His mothers name is joan and our birth father is william Blythe (also known as Bill)WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU.Have lots of family also would like to meet you and your family.I know you came to our home town of Grimsby and asked our step mother Eileen Blythe about us.We only found this out after her death.PLEASE get in touch would love to meet you.

Posted on: 05/01/2005

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Reply posted on: 21/07/2007

From Dave Booth

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Town: Doncaster

Hi Betty, Last time i felt this nervous would be about 18 yrs ago when i stood outside that front door on lord street and wondering what was going to happen when i could pluck up enough courage to knock. I came to this site looking for another older brother and sister who were adopted but dont really have enough details.Lovely to find your message and am struggling to type this as i am shaking so god knows what i will be like when we meet. Please contact me asap

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