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Albert David Lea

My name is Nicholas David Lea and i am 23 Years of age and i have not seen my dad since i was about 6 - 8. I dont even remember what he looks like. Just lately its been getting to me that i havenlt actually spent proper time with my dad. Now he is a grandad as i have a son called Tyler.
His name is Albert David Lea and was last seen in Fleetwood about 8 years ago. He is originally from Manchester/Salford.

Posted on: 20/01/2005

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Name: Nicholas - David Lea

Born: 1982

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Name: Albert - David Lea

Born: 1957

Reply posted on: 20/01/2005

From Maurice Jarvis

Born: 1942

Hi Nicholas:......according to the Electoral Roll there is a Gary, & Harry Lea living in Fleetwood, to get their address go to register free key in Lea & Fleetwood, once you get the address scroll down the page to get the phone number by cross matching the address....Mo