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I am seeking my birth mother, EILEEN MAEY CORNER. My mother married KENNETH ESSAI shortly after my birth and gave birth to a daughter TANIA ESSAI.

Please contact me as I am longing to know you.

Posted on: 03/03/2005

Poster Information:

Name: christine vasiliadis

Born: 1966

Looking For:

Name: Eileen Corner

Born: 1943

Reply posted on: 24/10/2006

From Sue Chen

Born: 0

Town: Toronto

I came across your search request and realized that I have a friend who knows an Essai family here in Canada. There cant be very many of them. Kenneth Essai is the father of my friends friend. Have not been in contact for 10 years or more but am willing to assist you in your search if I can.

Is Vasiliadis your married name?

Where were you born? Do you know who your father is?

Let me know if I can help.


Reply posted on: 13/11/2006

From Eileen Essai

Born: 0

Town: Toronto

Hi Christine,

Just found your message, I cant wait to talk to you call/e-mail ASAP - Please. / 416-498-0324 (Canada)

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