Message Posted By: Jaime Sanstra

Miles, Donald E or Barbara, or brother Leslie

I am looking for Donald, Leslie, or Barbara Miles. I am the Daughter or Sheila Sue Sanstra, born to Carolyn Ann Edge on April 22nd, 1956. My mother is trying to track down her biological father. If you have any information regaurding these individuals please contact my via e-mail,, thank you

Posted on: 15/03/2005

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Name: Jaime Sanstra

Born: 1976

Looking For:

Name: Donald Eugene Miles

Born: 0

Reply posted on: 29/01/2006

From Robert and Mary Sanstra

Born: 0

Town: Heiloo

I cant really help you find him, but our son who lives in Chicago sent us your request. He knows we are doing the genealogy of Sanstra, originally coming from the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands.
We also have a relative in New Yersey, named Leslie Mendez, her grandmother Sanstra came from the Netherlands too. She married a man called Willem Metzelaar (Metzler)here and then went to the USA in the early years of 1900.
She is also doing the genealogy of the Sanstra family. Do you live in the UK or in the USA? I suppose UK because of the name of the site:
If you are interested please send us an e-mail. We are sorry we cant help you finding Donald, Leslie, or Barbara Miles.But this is an opportunity to find more relatives of our family, so...
Best wishes and we hope you will once find what you are looking for.
Robert and Mary Sanstra
the Netherlands