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lost love

i was with the bestest girl in the world and i didnt know it i was a drink
at the time not using that as an excuse but i dont drink now it as been
nearly four years since we split and still everyday i miss her and every
night i dream about her, i use to listen to so called friends instead of
marie and now i know she was right all along, i now knoow how special she is
and when she went i was left like a zombie,i kinow she would never get back
with me but i never told her how much i love her and just how much she means
to me,i dont want nobody else neither could anyone take her place, i no its
to late but i do now thanks to marie know what love is and about, i also
know myself again i will never stop loving her, and sorry dont make it right
i wasnt there when you needed me the mose and i treated you so bad when u
should off treated you like the princess she is,i do beleave she was my
sould mate and i blew it,i remember everything from the first time she spoke
to me on the beach to the last night i saw her,if i had only listened to her
we would off made it this i believe in my heart,i would give the world to be
with her but i know that it is to late,no words can say how i feel but i
want everyone to know that this girl is speacial, till the day i die i will
love and always remeber her,i know this dont make up for how i treate you
but for you to know i tortyre myself everyday and night for the way i was
with her,when i lost her i lost my world and more the one person i now know
i love, i jope and wish all that is bad happens to me i know this wont mean
anything at all but you will always have my heart and my soul,now i dont
want to die i want to live for as long as possible just so i feel the hurt
that i do and to remind me of how i lost my baby marie,in my heart and
dreams are where i keep her and till the day i stop will be the day i die,
im so sorry you taught me so much i just learnt to late, i wish you well and
the best in all you do,to all that knows here treat her well and with the
love and respect she trully deserves,she is an angel

Posted on: 04/04/2005

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Name: john finn

Born: 1975

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Name: marie sinclaire

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