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Bernadette Tees

My Mum is searching for her adopted daughter Bernadette Tees / Teesdale. Borne: Salvation Armys Northlands Mother & Baby Home in Cardiff, 19th July 1967 Mothers name Margaret Tees (Known as Jenny Teesdale). She was 20 yrs at the time and was a student nurse. Adopted after 6 weeks to a naval family.

Posted on: 04/04/2005

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Name: Rebecca Hughes

Born: 1967

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Name: Bernadette TEES

Born: 1967

Reply posted on: 15/07/2007

From Rebecca Hughes

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Town: Haverfordwest

Thanks Elaine for you words. Since my original search I myself now have two lovely girls of my own and Mum is a doting Nana. Barbaric is a good description. Bernadette where ever she is has just turned 40 and my Mum has chosen to let my two brothers know. I know deep in Mums heart shed love to find her well keep looking and hope one day Mums dream will come true.

Reply posted on: 23/01/2006

From Elaine Lazarou

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I wish you luck in your search I was also born at northlands mother and baby home in 1961. I did decide at 18 years of age to look for my birth mother. I did find her and although in the begining it was quite difficult we have built up a very strong relationship.
By listening to the many stories over the years it would seem that the way us babies were taken away from the mothers was nothing short of barbaric. It must of been very hard to actually have no choicebut to give up a child.
I hope things work out for you as they have for me.
My thoughts are with you,
regards Elaine