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Janet Kathryn Wilcox

looking for Janet, birth mother of Sarah Louise Wilcox who was born 10.11.1966 Lady Forester Hospital Much Wenlock. Sarah was adopted through the Chester Diocesan Adoption Society.
Janet was resident at the Diocesan mother and baby home Chaddeslode Abbey Forgate Shrewsbury at the time of Sarahs birth. Her home address was Knutsford Cheshire.
Janet possibly married ? Hammond in 1968 in the Knutsford area.

Posted on: 15/04/2005

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Name: Katherine Lander

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Name: Janet Kathryn Wilcox

Born: 1949

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From Julie Parmenter

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Town: flintshire

I am looking into the history of people at chaddeslode house at the time it was a mother and baby home. Were you resident there with Janet? Do you know much about the place? If so and you owuld like to tell me - Thanks!

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