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i am looking for my two aunts, brenda and carol, and my uncle john farley. they grew up in stratford upon avon. brenda and carol have married so i supose that their surnames would have changed

Posted on: 19/04/2005

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Name: bethany farley

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Reply posted on: 29/01/2009

From Melissa Rees

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Hi Bethany,

My name is Melissa Rees (former Read), my mums name was Brenda Farley, and i know she was born in Straford Upon Avon, but i dont know anything about her past. I have contacted you on genes reunited, but i have not heard anything back yet. I dont know how many brothers and sisters she had as i know she was put into care, does this sound familiar?

Anyway please contact me back if you think this is familiar.

Love Liss