Message Posted By: Jackie Lee

Lost sister

Im trying to find my younger sister. My name is Jackie Lee,and we both had the same father TERRY LEE.The last time we saw each other was just before our father died in 1985,an i was living in stoke on trent with my mum,and sarah was living in Spon End with her mum(Marion and her 2 sisters Kerry and Emma an brother Kevin

Posted on: 04/05/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Jackie Lee

Born: 1975

Looking For:

Name: Sarah Jane Lee

Born: 1982

Reply posted on: 02/09/2009

From sarah lee

Born: 0

Town: coventry

hi jackie im sarah lee and i think u are my sister iv got 2 sisters kerri emma and brother kevin and my mums name is marion and u would no my nans name olive she lived in spon end and my dad terry lee died in 1985 in spon end

Reply posted on: 11/06/2015 21:20:07

From lindsey cato

Town: halifax

hello jackie i believe im your cousin your dad was my uncle i last seen u at nanas funeral in 2002 nana was queenie lee.

Reply posted on: 04/05/2005

From Maurice Jarvis

Born: 1942

Hi Jackie:......If you visit register free to access the Find A Person Electoral Roll, key Sarah Lee in the name box and Coventry in the location box, you will get names and addresses of all the Sarah Lees living in the Coventry area......Mo