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hi i,m trying to trace my twin daughters who where adopted when they where about 6 months old ,,, DANIELLE AND SARAH ORFORD was born at OXFORD STREET maternaty hospital in LIVERPOOL on the 3RD NOVEMBER 1988,,, i did keep them for 2 months but due to difficult circumstances had to give them up ,,they went to foster parents called MRS POWELL in the kirkby area of liverpool and from there was adopted,,, i did meet the adoptive parents who seemed really nice( JANET & GERARD )dont know if they where their real names ,,i think from the FORMBY area of merseyside ,, i think your names where changed to REBECCA & NATASHA not sure though ,,, i would just like to say if you read this ,,, i have never stopped loving you and i think of you constantly throughout each and every day and have done since the day i gave you up ,,, i realised a few months later i had made the biggest mistake of my life but it was to late and i forever regret my disision to give you up,, my heart breaks every birthday you have ,,,i have photos of you when you where babies and i look at them everyday and think if only ,,,i know you are only 16 but if you see this or anyone who knows you i beg you with all my heart to please get in touch and let me know you are safe and well ....i dont want to intrude in your lives i just need to know all is well ,,, my email add is

Posted on: 17/05/2005

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Born: 1988

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