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Edward james jefferson

Im searching for my father if any body knows him please let me know or dad if you read this dont be afraid i just want to meet you and catch up to the times that have past. I am 18 years old now and have not seen my dad since i was one his nick name was josh and he will now be aged 32 or 33 he was born in withernsea and got told he was last seen in driffield a couple of years back and was living in london 10 years ago his mother is called margaret poskitt but if she is now married the last name may of changed. His father died when he was young and he had sisters but there names are unknown but they were last living in hull and so still may be. One of his sisters was well known for a tatoo of a snake which went all the way around her body. please let me know if any body has any information it would be really appreciated as i have been trying to search for years from looking in the libarary on the electrol role to registry office i tried to get in touch with salvation army down holderness road but no joy as they are never there. My mother even took me down jefferson court which was were his grandparents were living years ago i dont even know if there still alive but i do know they dont live their any more because i knocked on every door. please help!

Posted on: 19/05/2005

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Name: edward james jefferson

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From Sue Furneaux

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Hi Charlotte, my name is Sue. I came across your message whilst searching for information myself on your dad. I was with Josh from 1992-1996 and he lived with me in Basingstoke. I know he went to live in Southampton but I havent heard from him since. Just to let you know he was born on 22nd September 1969. He only had one sister - her name was Maria and last I knew she was living in London. His mother, Margaret, married an Arabic man in 1994 called Passam but Josh fell out with him and lost contact. He never stopped thinking about you and always carried a photo of you which I saw. He talked about you a lot and I know he called you Charlotte after the book Charlottes Web. He always wanted to find you but he had a lot of problems at that time. I hope you have found him since you posted this message. Could you please let me know if you have found out any information about him because I would love to find out how he is. Sue.