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Searching for my Half Brother Frederick Howstan Clark

I am trying to find my half brother and his son(my nephew). My brother and I have the same father but different mothers.
My half brother is called Frederick Howstan Clark and was born in Germany in 1950 Our father was also called Frederick Howstan Clark and he was born in Gateshead on the 05/05/1916 and died in Winchester, Hampshire on 14/02/1983.
My half brothers mother is/was called Mary Florence Coultas and our dad and my brothers mother got married on 21/03/1944 in The Register Office in South Shields. At the time of the marriage our dad was living at 26 Stanhope road, South Shields and my brothers mother was living at 26, Westminster Drive, Burry Bridge, Harrogate.

My brother was the second child of our dad and my brothers mother. Their first child was called Martyn Jack Peter Clark who was born on the 02/04/1947 in Hull They were living at 2 Edwards Terrace, Waterloo Street, Hull at the time of birth. Martyn unfortunately died on 19/09/1947 at the Victoria Hospital in Hull due to Pneumonia and Gastro Enteritis. Then Fred was born in 1950 in Germany as my father was a civil servant in the Foreign Office(German Section) He was Private 7909992 Pioneer Corps.

Then our dad and my brothers mother had another child called Angela Jeanne Clark who was born on 19/03/1951 in Surrey County Hospital In St Helier, Carsholton, the family at the time of Angelas birth were living at 87, Peel Street, Hull. Tragically Angela died on 15/09/1953 due to an accident and died outside Victoria Hospital for Sick Children In Hull age 2 years - The family were living at 17 Hopwood Street, Hull at the time of accident.

My half brother got married on 21/06/1975 to Venessa Lynn Maylon at The Register Office in Plymouth, Devon. At the time of thier marriage they were both living at 70 North Road East Plymouth, Devon. Venessa Lynn Maylon was born in Hong Kong in 1956/1957 (she was 19 at the time of her marriage). She was working as an auxiliary nurse in a disabled peoples home in Plymouth at the time of marriage, my brother was working as a sports shop assistant.

Venessas dad was called Fred Maylon and worked at the time of their marriage as a prison officer.

My brother(Frederick Howstan Clark!) and Venessa had a child called Alexander Lee Clark who was born on the 03/01/1976 at the Freedom Fields Hospital in Plymouth -I am looking for Alexander also. They were living still at 70 North East Road, Plymouth at the time of Alexanders birth.

Our dad married my mum on 27/03/1976 at The Register Office in Winchester, Hampshire and I was born in July 1976 My half brother knew about me and my mum and he also lived and worked in Winchester during the 1970s before moving to Plymouth. The last time I saw him was at our fathers funeral in feb 1983 I beleive.

I would very much like to find Fred and Alex even if its just just to find out if they are still alive, just to put my mind at rest. Anyoneone with any info, please get in touch.

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Posted on: 03/06/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Joanne Clark

Born: 1976

Looking For:

Name: Frederick Howstan Clark

Born: 1950

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