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Wanting to find my half brother

I am looking for my half brother who was called Mark Anthony by his natural Mother, born on 29.5.66 in Birmingham. My mother is getting older and will be 70 soon. I would love to reunite her with the son she never forgot or stopped loving, as well as meeting the brother I always wonder about.His natural mothers name is Margaret Valentine Maynard, and my name is Tina Shiels (nee Maynard). I would love him to know that she never wanted to let him go but had no choice, and for him to meet the wonderfull caring woman that gave birth to him.We lived in Northfield, but moved to Edgbaston when the adoption took place. Fingers crossed. Thanks to anyone who can help, my e-mail address is

Posted on: 06/06/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Tina Shiels

Born: 1959

Looking For:

Name: Mark Anthony Maynard

Born: 1966

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