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searching for adopted Aunt

Her name was originally Julie Evelyn Easto. My grandfather did what we thing was a private adoption, in 1946, as there is no trace of an adoption or any records, we think it may have been black market as no one is talking, and he passed away in 1996, and took the secret with him. We believe whe was taken in by a family down the road named Eves either a Winnifred or a Frederick. My dad called them once, they sounded very shocked, and asked him never to call again. If anyone has any information we would really appreciate it. She would have been born in 1946, May 15th. My mom, who is her sister, has dementia now, and my dad would really like to find the missing sister.

Posted on: 15/06/2005

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Name: Sondra Bergman

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Town: St. Catharines, Ontario

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Name: Julie Eves

Born: 1946

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