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Looking for my dads brothers

I am helping my stepdad look for his two half-brothers. He has never met them and only met his father once. They are from Holland but the last thing he heard was that one of them was living in Mexico City and the other one in Manchester, England. He lives i Denmark and would love to meet them, so if anyone know them or if they happen to read this themselves I would love to hear from them.


Posted on: 17/06/2005

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Name: Heidi Hansen

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Town: Redwood City, CA

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Name: Hugo and Henry van Belle

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Reply posted on: 16/01/2006

From Henry van Belle

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Town: Miami

Hi Heidi

I am Henry. I used to study at Manchester and my brother, Hugo, lives in Mexico. We are Jean-Jacques kids, and I have heard about your dad (our half-brother).

I guess its all a long story. Please call me or email me.

I hope you are all well.

T: 305 726 4137