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Clinton Parker

My dad believes he very likely has a son born to mother Barbara Parker. He is careful not to cause any trouble but I would like to give Clinton a chance to know Andy, if he knows already about his real father and whether or not that is the man he grew up with as his guardian.If Clinton wishes he will find himself very welcome to make contact with his possible brother,father and kind of sister(me)Melanie.

Posted on: 26/06/2005

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Name: Melanie Jackson

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Name: Clinton Parker

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Reply posted on: 06/07/2010

From stephen pearson

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my mothers name is barbara parker from middlesbrough and i was wondering if there could be any connection.please let me know either way.

Reply posted on: 12/02/2008

From annette x

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I know you posted this a long time ago, but i went out with a clinton parker in surrey in the late 80s when we were in our 20s and who had a step dad and a mother called Barbara and step siblings...i have an address for him but was some years ago now, about 7 years since i last saw him.