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Looking for my sister Penny Roberts daughter of Bob

If anyone knows of Penny or Arif Roberts of Jamaican descent living in the Dalston Area I would love to make contact with them, as I am their long lost sister. Penny was born around 1970 and her brother Arif around 1973. Our father is Jamaican called Bob who was working as an Electrician in the East London Area, he has a sister called Maisie or Mabel and I think possibly her name married name is Macfarlane.

Posted on: 21/07/2005

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Name: denise baxter

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Name: penny Roberts

Born: 1970

Reply posted on: 23/09/2009

From Monica Sappleton

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Im the aunt of Penelope Roberts and the late Arif Roberts: younger sister of Bob. So who are you?
Monica Sappleton

Reply posted on: 26/09/2009

From Denise Baxter

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I cant believe I finally have a reply. Im Denise Baxter, first child of your brother Bob, my mother is Nushet Baxter (do you remember her?) I have been trying to contact my family (half brother and sister) for over 15 years!!! I did read a post on the internet only 6 months ago to discover that very sadly he was stabbed coming out of school. I have tried since then even harder to try to contact the rest of my family with no luck. I know you dont know me, but briefly, I lived in the UK til 2000 and now live in Spain, happily married with 2 children. Please write bck and let me know about my father and step sister...thanking you very much for your reply... Denise