Message Posted By: Shanu Choudhury

Shanu searching for Emma, a Physiotherapist from UK

Its Shanu from Dhaka and more specifically from CRP, Savar searching for Emma Bliss, a Physiotherapist. Emma was in CRP in 1999 and we became very good friends and kept in touch for a long time. She worked in Middlesex and she used to send me letters from Middlesex. Then she said that she was moving to London and shed post me her address. Since then, no news from her and her friends that knew couldnt tell me anything about her apart from that she was seen in a church in London. She said that she had a house in Scotland.

Ive tried for such a long time to find her out but I never became successful.

Now Im living in Virginia in the United States and missing all the good friends I had. Emma,please show up to your friend. I dont want to give up when Im trying to get in touch with my friend.

Posted on: 22/07/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Shanu Choudhury

Born: 0

Town: Dhaka

Looking For:

Name: Emma Bliss

Born: 0

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