Message Posted By: Diane Gilbert

Im looking for my birth mother,Monica Bedford who was born 12June 1947.I was named Tina and born 4th Aug 1964.Any information would be much appreciated.Thanks

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Name: Diane Gilbert

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Name: Monica Bedford

Town: London

Reply posted on: 17/10/2016 14:22:22

From Joanne Brandon

Town: Carmarthen

I do hope you found your mother. I went to school with her at Glendale Grammar school and knew that she had a child adopted. She had a brother called Robert and her aunt was the entertainer Millicent Martin.

Reply posted on: 24/03/2008

From anita plume

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Town: cornwall

I just thought I would write to tell you that I went to school with a Monica Bedford that may be your mother as I too was born in 1947. We lost touch when we left at 15. She lived in Wood Green I think. I seem to remember she had a brother.