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my Name is Miss Cheryl Laura Farnell, I was Born Miss Cheryl Laura Wilson, in Leigh Park Portsmouth, Im looking for my Farther Named MR JOHN WIlson i only know his Sisters name Miss DIANE WILSON who lived in Portsmouth.

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Name: Cheryl WIlson

Looking For:

Name: John Wilson

Town: Portsmouth

Reply posted on: 02/05/2009

From sarah burke (wilson at birth)

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Town: liverpool

hi cheryl im sarah - was born sarah wilson,
i think you and me could be somehow connected. ive been searching for my birth mother to locate my brothers and sisters of a couple she gave up. my her brothers name was john wilson, my birth mother gave me up for adoption when i was 6 moths old, she wasnt married to my birth father who name is roy or ray something, do you know if his sister had children adopted. its horrible isnt it? ive just turned 25 and there are a lot of answers and explainations i need to about, and learn about my blood family that i came from, especially because i dont know about any medical background or any health problems that may of affected my family in which could be passed down to me. id like to knew if ive got a fabulous painfuly disease i may get later in life haha, but you understand dont you? please email me if you think you could help me or any questions you think i could help you with if it is the same family xxxx

Reply posted on: 27/05/2007

From nickie geosano

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Town: yucaipa

How old would he be? My grandfathers name was John Wilson.