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Harold Crawford/ Wallace or family members.

late mother: Florence Crawford, father: Joseph Crawford, Brother: theo
Wallace,and only living sister: Winifred Crawford.
All of the above others have pass away
and we would like him to know. or to know his family, as we have no contact with them. all of the above
resided in BARBADOS, WEST INDIES. Im the daughter of winifred and I reside in CANADA with my kids. please help as I would love to know if hes alive. and to give him an update on
where his mom, dad, and brother is buried. and now his sister is very sick. she is the last
living relative close to him and it would do her heart good. thank you.

Posted on: 24/08/2005

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Name: monica crawford

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Town: Brantford, Ontario.

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Name: Harold crawford/ wallace

Born: 0

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