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Trynig to Find Alfred Williams-my paternal grandfather

Hi my name is casey and I live in New Zealand. I have recently found out that the person whom I thought was my grandfather is actually my fathers adopted father. Therefore I am trying to find my paternal grandfather and at the moment I am having no success. I know very little about Mr Williams but would despreatly love to find him.
He was apparantly born ( possibly august 1929) and raised in Newcastle England where he grew up and became a nurse(possibly a psychiatric nurse ina hospital that may be closed by now). He moved to New Zealand and met a lady named Margaret Vera McLeod ( my grandmother) with which he had 3 children. Robert John Alfred (born 1960) -my father, Kerry (born 1961) and stacey (born 1964). It is believed while in New Zealand Mr. Williams worked in 2 hopitals one being the Porirua Hospital and the other being Lake Alice. sometime after 1966 Mr Williams and my grandmother went their seperate ways and I have been told that he returned to England. I was told he returned to New Zealand on one occasion around 1980 to see my father Robert and the reunion didnt go so well and that was the last time any one has seen or heard from him. If anyone knows of this man or could find a way to help me find him I would be so very greatfull as this means alot to me.

Thnk you all for taking the time to read this and you can contact me at

Kind Regards

Casey Cox

Posted on: 31/08/2005

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Name: Casey Cox

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Town: Opunake, Taranaki

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Name: Alfred Williams

Born: 1929

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