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Does anyone know of a JOHN JOSEPH Kelly?

Hi, Im trying to trace JOHN JOSEPH KELLY (or could be Joseph John).

In 1982 he attended North East London Polytechnic, doing an HND in Computing. His family, at that time, lived in Liverpool.

He was born around 1958. He had dark hair & blue eyes.

Ive been looking on & off for a while & would really appreciate any help. Thank you

Posted on: 11/09/2005

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Name: Lynn Bartle

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Town: Cornwall

Looking For:

Name: John Joseph Kelly

Born: 1958

Reply posted on: 05/02/2017 17:06:59

From Lynn Bartle

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Hi Gemma,

No, never had any response.

Do you know him or of him, by any chance?

Reply posted on: 14/02/2014 19:11:52

From gemma kelly

Town: Southampton

Hi did u have any luck?