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adopted brother

hi, frederck richard, if you come accross this message yourbirth date is 2ndapril 1962, i am your sister and i have been searching for you , your birth was at derby city hospital and your mother gave the name of jones for your surname, her name margaret ,she was a hospital nurse. last address warner st derby and nottingham rd derby

Posted on: 14/09/2005

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Name: paula ambler

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Town: swadlincote

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Name: frederick jones

Born: 1962

Reply posted on: 10/01/2006


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I am working on a new TV show for the BBC. We are helping people trace missing family members and tracing their family roots.

If you are still looking, we could help you.

Please give me a call on 0207 749 1944 or email me on for details.

Tim Collins