Message Posted By: Symon Lancaster

Finding My Sister

Hello to all who read this, I am tring to find my sister called Zabrina Crawley the last time I heard form her was about 10 years ago I know that she might be in Northamptonshire but I am not sure. If anyone knows her or knows of here where abouts please leave a message here thank. That last thing I can say is that I know that she might have got married but I do not remember the name of her boyfriend.

Posted on: 15/09/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Symon Lancaster

Born: 0

Town: Brighton

Looking For:

Name: Zabrina Crawley

Born: 1978

Reply posted on: 10/08/2007

From laurie lancaster

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Town: chichester

heya. i know where sheis i have jut spent the last month there lol. u can take the message o here now.