Message Posted By: emma catt

where are you?

i was adopted at the age of 2yrs and am looking for any contacts that may know my mother or father. please get in touch if you know anything

Posted on: 19/09/2005

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Name: emma catt

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Town: southampton

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Name: gay hollyomes

Born: 1956

Reply posted on: 05/01/2009

From gay hollyomes

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Town: romsey

emma i my name is gay im pleased that your life is going well i have reason to believe that your dad is in sri lanka

Reply posted on: 18/06/2015 20:43:14

From John Cruse

Town: Lyneham

Hi Emma, I know tony, he is my cousin, I also know Gay (not seen for years) and Elsie Hollyomes My auntie.
If you want any more info dont hesitate in contacting me. I am Part of your extended family.
my Email is I am in a similar situation to you and searching for lost family too. I hope this message gets to you. John.

Reply posted on: 22/04/2007

From martin pounder

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Town: swindon

Emma, it may be a long shot, but I believe we know your grandmother, who has been trying to contact both you and alexander for a long time, her name is Elsie Hollyomes and she is living on the isle of wight. Your dad was in the military, and both you and your brother were adopted very early. If this info is correct please dont hesitate to contact myself or my wife liz. Elsie is lizs auntie. you can get us on the email provided or ring us please 01793 704326

Reply posted on: 26/04/2007

From martin pounder

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Town: swindon

Emma, please if you get this contact us asap, Elsie is currently staying with us here in Swindon. Your dad is working in Oman and has been for the last 20 years. Elsie would realy like to find you and Alexander. She is now 87, last saw you both just before your foster parents put you both in to the care of social services for adoption.

Reply posted on: 21/06/2007

From emma catt

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Town: Tai kok tsui

Hello Martin,
Its Emma. Im sorry it has taken me so long to return this e-mail. I have spoken to my Brother and thought I would drop you a quick e-mail. As you may already be aware I am in Hong Kong and the next time I will be in the UK will possibly be this coming Christmas. I will be in touch when my plans have been finalised. Kind regards Emma