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Birth Mother

I am looking for my birth mother. She gave birth to me in Ireland on 20 March 1957 and gave me up for adoption when I was 11 months old to a couple living in Zambia. She used to work in a home for rehabilitation of soldiers in England run by Mrs. Holman-Richards.

Posted on: 19/09/2005

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Name: Aiden Alexander Enslin (O Sullivan)

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Name: Margaret O Sullivan

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From Gordon Cowie

Town: Port Elizabeth

Hey Aiden we need to connect so I hope that this gets to you.

Reply posted on: 23/11/2006

From David Morgan

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Hello, I found your message while searching for Holman-Richards. The following Times articles mention the name in connection with breeches of the adoption act.

The Times, Wednesday, Mar 24, 1965; pg. 6; Issue 56278; col G Adoption Law Loopholes

The Times, Friday, Nov 05, 1965; pg. 15; Issue 56471; col A House Of Commons

Hope this might be of interest to you.

Reply posted on: 23/11/2006

From Aiden Alexander Enslin (O Sullivan)

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Town: Jhb, RSA

Hi David,
Thanks for the info. Dont suppose you know how we can get hold of a copy of these articles as we based in South Africa or give us an idea of the content of these articles??

Reply posted on: 25/11/2006

From john flood

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Town: uxbridge

Good afternoon Aiden.

I am an independent adoption researcher with more than 20 years experience.

I maintain a database of adoption details, (presently over 271,000 references) gleaned from adoption certificates and many other sources, including internet message boards, such as you have used.

Unfortunately, at present I do not have an entry that may refer to you. Nor can I see an entry in the Adopted Children Register (for England & Wales) between 1957 and 1969 that would suggest your adoption was recorded here.

Sight of what you use as a Birth Certificate should give some clue as to where your adoption took place.

Mrs Phyllis Holman Richards ran a third party Adoption Society which operated from 1942 through to 1994. It then became Family Ties, whose records are now with Parents for Children.

Regards, John