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Chantel Chambers


I am trying to locate a friend of mine who I havent seen from the year 2002, To me its like she has completely dissappeared and I would like to know if she is ok. The girl who I am looking for is called Chantel Chambers, I think her mums name is Marcia Chambers and she has a brother called Jermaine Chambers. The last address I had of Chantel was in Forest Gate where she was living on Romford Road in a house. When I went to go and visit her the house had been sold, I would like to know if she is ok. The person who is looking for her is called Chantelle Roberts

Posted on: 20/09/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Chantelle Roberts

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Town: London

Looking For:

Name: Chantel Chambers

Born: 82

Reply posted on: 24/06/2006

From Chantel Fry

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Town: Loughborough


I was once know as chantel chambers and perhaps i still am by a few people, Did you manage to find the chantel you were looking for i know a marcia too.