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please help

hello, im lookin for a girl named abigail illman, shes my half sister on my dads side, n i would reali like to meet her, she was in the shropshire star on saturday 17th september as she was 16, if anyone has any imformation please get in touch, i will be so grteful, Thanks

Posted on: 26/09/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Charmaine Birch

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Town: telford

Looking For:

Name: Abigail Illman

Born: 1989

Reply posted on: 04/08/2006

From Abi Illman

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Town: Shifnal

I am the girl who you have been looking for, Abigail Illman your half sister, im not sure what to say, for ages i have thought of you and never dreamed that you were thinkin of me too. im actually quite emotional to think that you have been searching for me and i didnt know. i would really like to meet you too so much time loss between us be nice to meet you at long last. i have enclosed my email address send me an email all about you and then hopefully if you still want to it would be nice to meet. If you want to know about me then visit my website: Now that we have found one another i do hope that we stay in touch and i hope to hear from you soon. love your half sis Abi x

Reply posted on: 13/11/2006

From Abi Illman

Born: 0

Town: shifnal

please get in contact:

Reply posted on: 09/04/2006

From m h

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Town: telford


If you contact IC International in St Georges, Denise & Mark are Abigails aunt & uncle (Mark is Abigails guardian).