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Looking for missing aunt Heather Ann Kerr

We have been looking for my aunt Heather Ann(e) Kerr for many years. She was last known to be working in a tobacconist/confectionary shop aroung 1965 in Belfast. Heather was born in Crumlin Co.Antrim around 1946/47 but her mother died in 1959. Heather was taken to live with relatives who were elderley, they couldnt look after her and put an ad in a local paper for someone to take her. She was taken in by someone who ran this shop. Where she went from there we do not know.Please can anyone help us find her. Her brother has cancer and we would like to find her for him.

Posted on: 30/09/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Sandra Dunlop

Born: 0

Town: Newtownabbey

Looking For:

Name: Heather Kerr

Born: 1946

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