I am looking for a Dianne Horobin last two known addresses 73 Heathside Drive Kings Norton Birmingham b38 and before that the croft 15 Sandon Road Bearwood Birmingham. Dianne is now aged about 36 ? And used to work at Hockley Port City farm in Birmingham in 1983/84. If you know of her whereabouts please get in touch by the message board

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Name: Dianne Horobin

Town: Birmingham

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thank you dr muzaffar saleem in birmingham who,s dad has a gp surgery in mosley for replying to my message about dianne horobin . do u know of her address in mosley is she still living in the mosley area do you know. the main reason i am looking for dianee is that she contacted me in 1987 at hockley port city farm where we both had worked to say she had gave birth to a baby girl at qe hospital in dec 1984/85 ? and that i was the childs natural father ive seen the child only once in 1989 after which myself and dianne both moved addresses and lost touch . ive told told that dianne is working for me and wishes to meet again but due to my job has a jockey i move around the country so we,ve missed getting in touch wiyh each other .please iwish to get in touch with her again and my little ,now possiable big girl again. email me direct at

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Dr. muzaffar saleem in birmingham. his dad own a GP surgery in mosley