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Can anyone help me find my father who I have never met ?

Hello! I am looking for my birthfather whom I have never met but desperatley want to. The only details of frank are that he will be approximatley 62 years of age. He was/is married with four children two of each and that he lived in Wiltshire in 1982. Frank has had a leg amputated due to an accident at work whilst driving a lorry in 1970s. He has/had family and friends in the Rossendale area of lancashire.
Please anyone with any information could you help me. I have a famoly of my own now who I would like to introduce him to.

Posted on: 05/10/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Carrie Crossley

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Town: Preston

Looking For:

Name: Frank Love

Born: 0

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