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looking for birth father

hi my name is astria taylor i am 20 years old.i have 3 sisters &1 brother and my father has 7 grandchildren.i am the youngest and i have never meet my birth father.all i know is his name is haubib (andy)moomen he comes from kenya and he used to work in a shop in cromwell road peterborough and he is musilum by faith and his family used to own a shop in bretton centre in peterborough.when we last new my mom was 4 months pregnanet with me.please help me try to find him always wanted to get to know him thank you. your faithfully astria taylor

Posted on: 14/10/2005

Poster Information:

Name: astria taylor

Born: 0

Town: peterborough

Looking For:

Name: haubib(andy)cant spell name moomen

Born: 1950

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